KogeCoin Logo Contest

2 min readJun 1, 2021

Background: KogeCoin is a community token on Polygon that launched by airdropping 96% of our supply to all early QuickSwap users. This means no whales/bots were buying at launch. HODLers of KogeCoin and KogeCoin LP tokens will be able to stake them at https://kogefarm.io, an auto-compounding defi service developed for the benefit of KogeCoin holders, for rewards after June 10.

We need a logo. Instead of paying a fancy designer, we’ve decided that it is best to source it from our own community. The community has voted to allocate 15,000 KogeCoins for logo contest rewards (currently around ~$150 value). This is significant but still on the low end for a logo design. The rewards are high because we want high quality submissions!

🐥KOGECOIN Logo Contest — 15,000 KOGECOIN (~$150) Rewards🐣

▶️ The logo may be related to our mascot, the KogeCoin Koala. Feel free to incorporate elements of our project (e.g. Polygon, Community, KogeFarm). Bonus points for submissions with two color variations that each work with a light/dark background.

🏆💪 Submissions will be shortlisted by the team then voted on by the community. Top submission will receive 10,000 KogeCoins, runner-up will receive 5,000.

Here are the rules:

1. All logos must be original! Don’t steal any part of it from proprietary sources or we’ll all run into trouble with intellectual property.

2. Submit your logo (or pair of logos, for those that separate out variations that work with light/dark backgrounds) by sending a tweet with hashtag #KogeCoinLogoContest. This will help us find them.

3. Submitter must follow @kogecoin on Twitter.

4. To be shortlisted, the submitter must send SVGs or high quality PNGs of the logos to the team with a transparent background.

5. To be shortlisted, the submitter must agree to transfer ownership of the logos to the KogeCoin project.

🕐 LOGO CONTEST EVENT PERIOD: May 31–June 7 2021, any time zone.

How will the logistics work?

The contest will start as soon as this announcement is posted. The submission period will last 1 week and will end on June 7, 2021 (any time zone). The best logos will be shortlisted by the team, which will then be posted on Medium where the community will vote to determine the winners.




Fair distribution — Staking rewards — Governance — LP farms — lowest fee on rewards at https://kogefarm.io!